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Jennifer Torres '12

Jennifer graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word in 2012. She has been working in education for the past 11 years. Jennifer shared with us, "My time at UIW truly shaped my professional career. The road was paved with connections made, friendships built, hard lessons learned, and countless memories. I am proud to be a Cardinal." Jennifer is currently working as a school counselor at Clark High School in Northside ISD. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

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Catching Up with Cardinals

Jennifer Torres '12

Dreeben School of Education

Monday, April 15, 2024

Q:   Can you share the moment you realized that you wanted to be a teacher?

A:   I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. As a young girl I would play "school" with my stuffed animals and barbies, handing them notebook paper and using my mirror as a chalkboard. I had an older cousin who was a teacher and always liked to help her set up her classroom in the summers and grade papers any chance I got!

Q:   How did the UIW Teacher Education program help prepare you for your role as a teacher?

A:   The content I learned was valuable but the professors and experience in the community was next to none. Dr. Moore's play class was my favorite! I still have my bin of alphabet treasures and all the textbooks on a bookshelf in my office. Dr. Fike, Dr. Martinez, Dr. Campos and many others really empowered me to go on and make a difference in young people's lives through education. 

Q:   What is your favorite memory from the Teacher Education program at UIW?

A:   The classroom was set up like an elementary classroom with an alphabet carpet and everything! The program was small but we were close-knit. We were all involved as much as possible. We prepared for the Certification tests together, attended KDP meetings and education workshops together. I even met my best friend through the program who encouraged me to join a sorority, also enriching my experience at UIW.

Q:   How long have you been working in education?

A:   11 years


Q:   Tell us about your current position/job.

A:   I am a Professional School Counselor at Clark High School in Northside Independent School District. I left the classroom after 5 years in education to work with children in a different capacity focusing on the social and emotional aspects with an emphasis in mental health. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor and see clients via telehealth in the evenings.

Q:   What do you love the most about your current job?

A:   I love connecting with young people and knowing I am making a difference. I am available to help with credits, course planning and making sure they graduate but also provide emotional support in their time of need.

Q:   What helps you avoid job burnout?

A:   My people. I cannot stress how important it is to surround yourself with people who love and support you. I make sure to plan girl nights, game nights and just "me" days a couple of times a month to keep me going. 

Q:   Do you have any advice for anyone considering a career in teaching?

A:    Education is a work of HEART. You make a serious difference in the lives of young people that may or may not get love at home. You have an opportunity to change the world... afterall teaching is the profession that creates all other professions.

Q:   What are your career goals for the next five years?

A:    I plan to shift into private practice therapy but remain connected to Education through my work.

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