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Data and Assessment

Title: From Passenger to Copilot: Practical Ways to Assess with Our Students Presented by: Myron Dueck 
Data and Assessment

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About the Event

•This webinar focuses on practical ways that we can invite students into the assessment realm as active copilots rather than disinterested passengers. Key topics will include

•Sharing and cocreating learning targets based on standards.

•Helping students understand and use performance assessments and rubrics.

•Considering the right scale: proficiency levels versus 100 categories.

•Student self-reporting on academics, behaviors, and personal insights.

Myron Dueck has worked as a teacher and an administrator for 23 years in Canada and New Zealand, with students in grades 4–12. In 2006, Mr. Dueck began developing grading, assessment, and reporting systems with his classes that offer students an increased opportunity to show what they understand, adapt to the feedback they receive, and play a significant role in reporting their learning.

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