Youth Advocacy: Speaking Up
and Speaking Out 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Virtual Workshop $10

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Earn 2.0 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours.

Amplified Voices: Youth Advocacy

Event Information

Learning Outcomes

The participants will learn how to:

  • Develop positive self-identities based on their membership in multiple groups in society (Identity)

  • Respond to diversity by building empathy, respect, understanding, and connection (Diversity)

  • Recognize that power and privilege influence relationships on interpersonal, intergroup and institutional levels and consider how they have been affected by those dynamics (Justice)

  • Plan and carry out collective action against bias and injustice in the world and will evaluate what strategies are most effective (Action)  

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Presented by:

Our Tomorrow​

Our Tomorrow is helping young people find their voices and build their futures. They connect young people from across the city and train them as researchers and policy advocates while helping to foster the leaders of tomorrow, today. Working with school districts and local government leaders, they help adults understand the importance of giving young people a seat at the table.

Website:  uppartnership.org/our-tomorrow